smashing-barriers-smIt is time to break down the barriers.  The assessment testing industry largely consists private companies publishing their own tests.  This limits fresh ideas and causes companies to tend towards a one test fits all type promotion.  I have a hammer, so every problem looks like a nail!  

It also makes it very hard for scientists to publish their own work in the form of commercial assessment tests unless they are willing to give up substantial control or have wealthy relatives. This creates unnecessary barriers and leaves a lot of very good research sitting in the dust bins of scholarly databases without ever being made available to people and practitioners who could benefit.

The practitioners in the field are equally hamstrung by the lack of qualified resources to help evaluate the quality and usefulness of available tests, train them on appropriate usage and support them as they use them.  Practitioners are left guessing or committing to a few options, since it is impracticle to do otherwise. 

FactorFactory is here to create thriving community of science and practice where commercial quality assessments can be quickly created and easily maintained.  A place where good science can be understood and used by professionals in the field.  Ideas are shared, assessments improved and people benefit from the best possible assessments.  Join us and together we can change the world.