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science and practiceA modern, social psychological assessment platform for practitioners (HR professionals, management consultants, recruiters, etc) and researchers.  FactorFactory's patent pending technology provides for the publishing of assessments and hosting communities of scholars and practitioners linked by common interest in the effective use of assessment tools.  

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    Practitioners: Calling all consultants, coaches, HR professionals, counselors and anyone who works in the field of helping people in all walks of life to thrive and succeed.  FactorFactory will provide access to the latest tools and expertise for people assessment in employee selection and hiring, evaluation, coaching, development and counseling.  Modern professional assessments supported by a community of experts, including the latest research and tools, models, regularly updated norms and professional standardization.  If you need an assessment, we can help you find or create a solution.    FactorFactory is a continually evolving technology system providing assessments and communities of interest to Read More
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    Research pros: Factorfactory provides a platform and experts to quickly turn assessment models (or ideas) into working online assessments with surveys, scoring and reporting. With the platform, you also have access to (anonymous) data and a marketplace to promote and sell your tools.  In addition, you have the ability to network with other like-minded scholars and practitioners, or even create a branded personal web presence that promotes you, your research and assessment tools. FactorFactory is an evolving cloud-based platform providing easy assessment publishing and communities of interest to support them.   Our patent pending technology can quickly convert research models Read More
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Featured Assessment - ELLSI

ellsiThe ELLSI assessment measures five factors of individual personality.  It is based on the Five Factor Model (FFM) or OCEAN Model and is the most comprehensive and thoroughly validated model of personality in existence.  

ELLSI's Five Measures...

  • Emotional Experience – Your emotional response to life’s experiences, from highly emotional and urgent to highly controlled and even tempered.
  • Life Experience – Your perception of control in your life from highly conscientious, conforming, and dependable to highly spontaneous and open-minded.
  • Learning Experience – Your approach to learning from big picture, highly curious, interested in new ideas to more practical, hands on and focused.
  • Social Experience – Your desire to be around others and how people interactions tend to impact you.
  • Interpersonal Experience – Your level of perceptiveness, tactfulness, and sensitivity about people.

The ELLSI assessment report is useful for teambuilding, individual development and coaching.

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